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Exploring the Connection Between Environmental Health and Your Well-being: Insights from a Holistic Health Coach

All aspects of health are intertwined and strongly connected. Holistic Well-being doesn’t come from a pill or formula.

This is a continuation on Holistic Well-being.This entails in thriving in all aspects of human experiences., It's the whole person, whole life phenomenon.

What is Environmental Well-being?

Environmental well-being encompasses your sense of safety, comfort, and connection to your physical surroundings, including your community and personal space. Living harmoniously with your environment can enhance overall wellness, impacting mental, emotional, and productivity levels. It extends beyond individual spaces to encompass broader communities, geographic regions, and the planet as a whole.

 Environmental Well-being
Environmental Well-being

Fostering environmental well-being involves living in a caring and healthy environment while also showing awareness and respect for the world around us. Your immediate environment significantly influences your emotional and social health; for instance, residing in areas with prolonged periods of rain and overcast skies may contribute to seasonal depression. Creating a pleasant atmosphere and taking steps to preserve the environment can enhance your overall sense of fulfillment and wellbeing. When you live and feel safe in the environment, you automatically grow and thrive.

Why is Environmental Wellbeing important ? How can a holistic health coach guide you

Take the case of someone living in a war zone or with high levels of air pollution. Do you think they would mentally and physically thrive if the environment is not conducive?

Respect for nature and all its inhabitants is fundamental to environmental wellbeing. You don't need to join a movement or group; rather, adopting environmentally friendly practices is encouraged. By becoming environmentally conscious, you'll notice how your everyday behaviors impact the environment. Enhancing this aspect of wellbeing is simple and promotes a more balanced existence.

Environmental health: “How do your surroundings affect your health?

Everything from the food in your house to the weather in your city to the political atmosphere in your country is part of your environment.

Being and feeling safe, secure, and supported by your environment enables you to make better choices for your health.

Having access to resources such as healthcare or healthy food is also part of environmental health.

We can’t control some elements of our environment. They’re more structural and systemic, woven into the fabric of our societies. These are called social determinants of health, and include poverty, racism, homophobia, lack of accommodation for disabilities, and displacement (as in the case of refugees).

In any of these situations, it may be very difficult to take steps to change someone’s environment. What can help is to focus on the things you can control wherever possible.

As a holistic health coach, its a team effort to guide and help my trainees identify their stressors and then find way to recover.


Stress and Recovery  - Environmental Wellbeing
Stress and Recovery - Environmental Wellness

Tips to develop Environmental Well-being:

1. Create a healthy living space: Be mindful of pollutants and chemicals entering your home. Learn about the ingredients in cleaning products and cosmetics, and eliminate harmful compounds. Reduce exposure to allergens if you have allergies.

2. Find moments of peace: Seek out small pockets of tranquility during your daily routine. Take a moment to sit and breathe in your favorite spot indoors or outdoors.

3. Make a positive environmental impact: Consider how you can contribute to the environment in a beneficial way, such as recycling more or using reusable items.

4. Improve your community: Start by making your neighborhood cleaner and greener. Pick up litter during walks and add plants outside your home.

5. Foster positive relationships at home: Create a welcoming and comforting environment by nurturing relationships with those you live with. Strong connections contribute to overall environmental wellbeing.

Advantages of Environmental Well-being that are intertwined with all other facets of Holistic Well-being:

Hikes in Ireland
Beautiful treks

- Feelings of calmness and relaxation

- Pride in your surroundings

- Connection with nature

- Stronger relationships with loved ones

- Finding peace in the environment

- Engagement in community initiatives


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