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DFit Nutrition

Be the Best Version of Yourself

Certified Nutritional and Lifestyle Coach

I design personalized plans in accordance to your needs and nudge you to get closer to your goal.​   

Who will benefit from my program?

  • Anyone struggling with weight loss or wants to gain optimum weight 

  • Adolescents with sudden gain in weight due to unhealthy eating habits or puberty 

  • Young athletes to wanting to peak in their sports performance 

  • Anyone wanting to get back to fitness after surgery, life changes such as child birth

  • Anyone wanting to improve their mobility & strength due to ailments or surgery 

  • Women wanting to lose weight due to PCOD or hormonal issues

  • Women struggling with fluctuations in weight & confidence due to menopause

  • Sports nutrition to peak performance


DFIT Nutrition is all about practicing the art of fueling your body as well as movement. No powder, pills or potion but healthy, home cooked meals. No gyms or excess exercising but sustained activities that fit into your daily routines.  

DFIT Nutrition provides a complete health + wellness nutritional roadmap for optimal health.

A 28 Day tailormade program

Meal Plans combined with Exercise Routine

  • 30 minute weekly follow up sessions

  • Personalized meal plan including recipe guide

  • Exercises to move you to your goals

  • Lifestyle management 

With my personalized plans for your goals, we work towards a better you! 

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