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28 days lifestyle change program is a structured approach designed to help you modify your...

Lifestyle Change Program

5 weeks Program offers a comprehensive approach to help you achieve hormonal balance through...

Freedom from PCOS/PCOD

5 weeks program is your one-stop-shop for effective weight loss nutrition, exercise and movement...

Flab to Fab

15 days program is the perfect one for busy home cooks looking to prepare nutritious meals without...

Home Makers Magic

Year long Sports nutrition program is a tailored dietary plan designed to optimize athletic performance and support...

Sports Nutrition

My Programs

This program is right for you if want to…
  • Be held accountable to reach your goals
  • Build sustainable healthy routines & consistent habits
  • Say goodbye to diet culture and find a balanced way of eating that works for your body without restriction
  • Eat clean and learn how to cook and prep healthy, delicious meals
  • Learn the basics of nutrition and the benefits of whole foods
  • Improve energy & manage stress
  • Cultivate a positive mindset and elevate your mood
  • Optimize gut health, digestion, & manage GI symptoms
  • Manage and understand cravings
  • Understand your body & find what works for YOU
  • Focus on work-life balance & setting healthy boundaries
  • Learn to fuel yourself on & off your plate
  • Set & align with intentions
  • How to read food labels and know what to look for
  • Learn ways to limit exposure to toxins

Certified Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach

I design personalized plans in accordance to your needs and nudge you to get closer to your goal.​

Thank you for guidance and constant support coach! It's been truly transformative. Initially, I had doubts about whether diets could offer delicious options, but I was pleasantly surprised. Deepa's guidance was instrumental in helping me overcome challenges like Gout pain. With her support, I not only achieved a pain-free existence but also learned how to make healthier choices effortlessly. The program's structure was perfect for integrating these changes into my daily life, and the results speak for themselves. Overall, it's been an amazing journey, and I'm grateful for the positive impact it's had on my life.

Leo Veera Varma

I signed up with her to work on a 7 week plan to run a half marathon and I did so with a goal of improving my running pace and also manage the persistent headaches that I’d get post running. Deepa’s plan was fantastic. It helped me push myself physically and also really helped me gauge what nutrition works well and what doesn’t and I could see such a big difference in my performance. I was 3.5 kgs lighter on my feet by the run and ran 14 mins faster than my previous PB too.

Deepa is someone I would absolutely not hesitate to work with again but she’s also someone who sets you up for success and tells you she wishes you won’t need her again hoping she’s led you into a path which is sustainable :)

Vinita Sivaramakrishnan I India

My journey with Deepa was awesome. I learned how to take food in proper way. Now my diet is very good. I learned how to eat in intervals. All over the journey was awesome. Thank you for everything you do, Deepa. You make such a big impact on people’s lives!

Usha Rani I India

Sessions with Deepa was an eye opener. Great lifestyle changes could be made under her guidance. They are nailed into my head like I can just wake up in my sleep and yet make the right choices. Deepa is an epitome for confidence and self love. She has taught me accept my body the way it is and help me to appreciate it. Though I enrolled actually for weight loss, I realised that its much more beyond that. The habits imbibed are for life!

Kavitha Hariharan I India

I can't express how grateful I am for your incredible guidance on my fitness journey! 🌟 When I began, I weighed 101.7kgs, struggling with low confidence and motivation. But thanks to your expertise and encouragement, I've shed 5.2kgs in just a few weeks, reaching 96.5kgs! 🏋‍♀ Your unwavering support has not only transformed my body but also boosted my self-confidence and energy levels. Now, I feel happier, more active, and motivated than ever before. 🌈 Thank you for being the driving force behind my success!

Pradyumna I India

I loved the 28 day program with Deepa!
1. Meals - My plates became colorful & I enjoyed them. What I loved most is as part of the program, I could totally cut off my Protien powder & Bread from my daily meals and still did not feel any hunger pangs. 
2. ⁠Exercise -  I was happy and satisfied of being able to do them consistently and loving them. Highlight was I was able to run 5k continuously for 3 consecutive times 🫶🏼
3. ⁠Overall progress - I was able to break my plateau and reduce my weight as well. I could fit in size of clothes which I used to wear 5 years ago. I lost inches too and overall the body looked and felt better ☺️

Sneha I India

Deepa, you are full of knowledge and wisdom. I enjoy having you as a guide, exploring the proper meaning of diet and workout. I love the way you have covered stress, sleep, recovery, nutrition as part of the program. It has completely changed my way of looking at fitness. Thank you so much for being a great mentor.

Sangeet I India

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