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The six pillars of health - Deep Health

Updated: May 10

As a health and wellness coach, my coaching and core offering is an approach that focuses on helping my trainees achieve improved lifestyle changes and thriving in all aspects of deep health. What is DEEP HEALTH you may ask?

Well it is when all six pillars of health are in sync and working together to make the WHOLE individual thrive in ALL aspects of their life. Food is the starting point, but it's not all about physical health, it also covers emotional, mental, existential, relational and environmental health. When a person is balanced and doing well in all of these areas, they don't just look, feel and perform well, they are also able to think well, respond aptly, solve problems and deal with the world around them in their stride. 

Physical Wellbeing
Holistic Wellbeing

What if you could move beyond “12 week SIX-pack abs programs,” or “Wedding weight loss,” to something truly meaningful and sustainable, and even more inspiring?


After all… what happens to the abs at week 13?

Or by the 10th wedding anniversary?

All areas of health are deeply entwined to each other. Additionally, every pillar of deep health influences eating and exercise behaviour. Improving one area that you are struggling with, can uplift several other areas and elevate your overall well-being. And whilst deep health looks different for everyone, this approach to coaching is crucial for achieving long-term results for my trainees. A deep health approach considers and uplifts the ENTIRE person, and in doing so helps them to make impactful change, and incorporate it into their daily lives more easily. 

Let's look at this: I help you with your food habits and movement, you start to lose weight and feel great, your skin is glowing, to top it all off, you experience improved health all around, now you're blossoming on the physical front. 

But I won't stop there, I'll work deeper to make sure you're doing well in other areas too. Your sleep, recovery, stress management, hydration, all play a part in how balanced you are on other fronts. If poor sleep is your stressor, we'll go in and work on resolving that. Suddenly, you're well rested, able to manage your emotions better, you're not suffering from mental drain. You don't snap at everyone who gets on your nerves and you can concentrate for longer periods of time, making better decisions , making you more productive and personable. That then helps you on a relational front, you no longer get agitated and you feel secure in whatever environment you're in; be it office, home or in your community.  Suddenly, you're not just experiencing great results from making better food choices and getting fitter, you're achieving health at a deeper level. You start glowing from the INSIDE.

And that is the power of coaching for deep health; it addresses your nutrition and elevates YOU. ALL OF YOU. 

I will continue to write more on the “Deep Health” coaching secret that helps transform short-term fitness goals into life-changing results. 

You can take a 10 min test to get your Deep Health score or choose to sign up for a consultation.


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