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A proud Triathlete...Training for first triathlon !

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Nearly two years ago I started running. Although I was enjoying I wanted to try something different, something more fun, something more challenging. During the TCS 2014, Ajit briefed me of the Tri Thonnur that he was organizing two months later. Bought a Scott X60 in July and started swimming regularly (getting conscious of my stokes and tracking distance). Seemed doable and yes, I registered for the Sprint - Triathlon. Thats a 750mts Swim, 20k Cycle and 5K Run :)

With most of the weekends dedicated for Long Runs all I could mange was two 30k cycle rides in the city. Swimming was easier as I have a pool in the apartment complex. Closer to the event day, traveling logistics, renting a rack and booking for the stay fell in place. Aishu, Geet, Aditya, Shuvashek, Prakash and Myself in two cars and 6 cycles set off on Saturday. Mounting the cycles on the racks and dismounting them and refitting the wheels.. Shuvashek and Adi..such a joy to watch you do it with ease! Training for first triathlon can be such an adventure. After a detailed briefing for the event and BIB collection and a Pasta dinner, we hit the bed early. Finally the Race day, 10th Aug 2014! The Thonnur lake was spectacular - beautiful, calm and so inviting. Surrounding the lake were hillocks with boulders making it a perfect place for a triathlon. Set up my bag along with the cycle in the transition area. Everything was in place. Bang! The race gun goes off at 7:58a.m., and I dive into the cold waters of Thonnur Kere. A woman kicks me in the face. It doesn't hurt, but she stops mid-stroke to apologize. I smile, and then we both start swimming. Some 130 of us in water! As I twist my head out of the water for air, the sun gleams in my eye, and a splash of water into my nose. The distraction slows me down a bit. With every lap I touch the timing mat with my left hand (Timing chip strapped to my left arm). Less than 24 min I was running into the transition area for my bike. The next 20k was lovely… challenging route and scenic..dwindling through the villages and maneuvering through potholes! Back at the transition station, dropped the cycle and start the run. Adrenaline is all I'm riding on now. When I finally see the finish line in the distance, I sprint like a Kenyan for the big photo finish. I've completed my first sprint triathlon — in 1 hour and 56 minutes. With a shiny new medal around my neck (all racers get one), I smile and nod my head in disbelief. I can't believe I did it.

Before that morning, I called myself a Runner, a Scuba driver, a Hiker (apart from being a MomPrenuer)— and now I am a triathlete!

A podium - III place Women Category adds the icing to the cake …..Yaay!


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