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Make way, riding through - Women Bikers

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

They neatly tuck their hair into a heavy helmet; zip up a black jacket and kick-start their mean machines. The engine’s roar is music to their ears. Sharp corners, steep turns, throttle control and a need for speed are a part of their lives....Seems like an extract from a BIKER's BLOG, especially women bikers.

Well, I thought bikers were crazy... would I be one too?

During the Ladakh Marathon 2013, I was on a pillion ride on the never ending winding roads of Kardungla..Ladakh.I was taken aback by my own instincts for the MACHINE. Nubra Valley… Malni and Niveditha cruised on their bike… they looked nothing less than a goddess!

Time to turn the instincts into reality...

September 2013 walked into the RE Showroom to hand in the booking amount. Nine months of waiting seemed beautiful… the anxiety of a new LOVE in my life! Friends said I was lucky, when I received a call in less than 80 days…MY Thunder Bird 350 was ready to be taken home :) This was my birthday gift from Diwakar…

25th Jan 2014..was a regular Saturday for all, for me it was the day MY Machine was coming home!!! Every single day since then has been just learning. Starting with learning to balance the weight, gear shift to the main stand trick. I still struggle to bring it back to nuetral :) :)

Prasun played the perfect teacher with loads of patience. Slowly from the Fiero I graduated to the Machine.

By now I was in love…. GREY was what he would be called!!

May 1st, was my first bike ride…Rode Solo to Kanteerava Stadium for a run. The traffic was slack as it was a May Day holiday. Raj was guiding me through the roads as I had shivers taking charge of Grey. It was fun and satisfying though fellow bikers looked at me as if I was riding a Rocket :)

It was a Wednesday morning when my dear friend Malni planned a Biking trip not far away from Bangalore and roped me in. This was planned for the Saturday, the third day in May. We were to ride out by 4pm, have a over night stay at a mango orchard not far from Kanakpura and return the next day.

My ride started with shivering hands and legs as this was my first ever longest solo ride and was bit nervous if i could make it or not . Sambit was on his Classic riding along and Sanjana on the pillion. As we crossed the NICE road and got out of the city traffic it was past 6pm. The sun was yet to set. All along the road the May flowers bloomed and I fell in love with the rumble of my GREY and the smell of fresh air. The night at the orchard was time to celebrate, it was my first LONG SOLO RIDE :)

Kanakpura, Mango Orchard is just a kick start for me to move forwards to explore my next destination which includes saddi MANALI, LEH, TAWANG, KANYAKUMARI

Endless roads, endless journey


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