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Deepa Bhat
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Deepa Bhat

Certified Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach.

Ultra Runner - Triathlete - Scuba Diver - High Altitude Trekker & Mom 

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

Who is The Soul Trainer?

Today, many people who don't know me personally address me as ' The Soul Trainer' and this story needs to be told, how I got to where, and  who I am now. 

I am an Indian, born in a traditional middle class brahmin family and raised in South of India. As a young child I struggled with my weight and that continued through my adolescent years. I was never athletic during school or college days although I loved adventure and the outdoors. We all know the underlying pressure of the outside world, to be able to perform, achieve, look, and feel like we need to be a certain way . I was none of that.

Personal Growth

At the age of 26 with a long list of induced lifestyle diseases, I had no energy to function like a normal human. It was only after the birth of my younger son that it struck to me, if I continued this way, I would never enjoy my motherhood. With cystic ovaries, borderline diabetics, constant aches and pains and falling of immunity, it was the dawn of reality.

Fast track two decades, I enjoy running distances from 10 km to 100 km and my longest distance being 136 km. I am the proud first Indian Woman to complete the Everest Ultra Marathon apart from many other laurels. I love Triathlons and open water swimming and also certified open-water diver. High Altitude treks in the Himalayas gives me a different high!

Positivity & Productivity

I have trained many amateur athletes to be able to take part in running events, gain confidence, assist them in reaching their own personal goals. My own personal training experiences have made me more effective in my approach to training others because I understand and appreciate the mental as well as the physical aspects of the journey. 


I cannot emphasize enough that once you have gained acceptance of self, self-love, and self-worth, your entire life changes for the better. For me, the mind is a massive factor in my everyday life and that's how The Soul Trainer was born.

Work, train and motivate your mind and the body will follow and your soul will thrive.

Deepa Bhat

The Journey

Using personal transformation to inspire others

The Soul Trainer evolved over the years as I evolved as a person. What was brilliant about my journey, and a huge lesson for me, was that I learned how strong the mind is and that the power of the mind can make or break us. A brilliant way to enrich the soul.

Age, gender, body composition and current fitness levels are not a limiting factor.

Sign up, make a change and take charge of your life today!

Flagship Programs

Success Stories

I signed up with her to work on a 7 week plan to run a half marathon and I did so with a goal of improving my running pace and also manage the persistent headaches that I’d get post running. Deepa’s plan was fantastic. It helped me...

Vinita Sivaramakrishnan I India

Sessions with Deepa was an eye opener. Great lifestyle changes could be made under her guidance. They are...

Kavitha Hariharan I India

The program's structure,coupled with Coach Deepa’s unwavering support and expertise,has propelled me toward healthier lifestyle choices. I've learned to make mindful decisions about my nutrition, exercise routine, and overall well-being....

Divya I Berlin

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