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Running along The Border

2020 is a year full of surprises, so gripping with action at every twist and turn just like a 007 movie! Early on, even before the...

Recover from a Marathon, In Style!

You’ve done it. You're a first time marathoner or you have just earned your personal best timing, the adrenal rush is high and...

Journey of 136 kilometers

Embarking a new journey is all about getting the mind and body in tune. It had been a while since I had attempted something challenging -...

UltraMalaivasi - The Ooty Ultra

During a 100k night run, sometime last year, I had an opportunity of meeting Kannan. Along with him, I ran most of the distance. Not only...

The best of #fabulousforty

I exactly knew when I had laid my eyes on the Kardungla Challenge (KC), the 8th of September 2013! It was the very day that I was amongst...

High on Ultra - 75k!

It was two years since I last ran the Jawadhu hills and returning back to the trail was nostalgic. Way back on 2015, running my first 25K...

Beautiful 31 miler!

Malenadu a region of Karnataka, covers the western and eastern slopes of the Western Ghats and my home. An ultra run in the ever green...

Escapade - Into the Coffee Land

Coorg Escapade was my first active holiday experience. The options on the website were exhaustive and ignited the adventurer in me to...

Getting to the Finish Line - 42.2K

The Finish Line of SCMM 2014 motivated me to come back for more..come back for Full Marathon. The 12 months of waiting was shortened when...

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